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Request a Clubhouse or Pavilion Rental via the BLA Website!

Click on the CALENDAR link on the left hand side of the Beaver Lake Association Website.

At the bottom of the Calendar Page, Click ADD EVENT

A new window will pop up. Please fill out the following:

YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS: Enter your email address so we can contact you with questions and/or confirmation.

TITLE: Enter your First & Last Name, Your Lot#, and either Clubhouse or Pavilion Rental

**Pavilion 1 is on the west & furthest from the Clubhouse, Pavilion 2 is in the middle, & Pavilion 3 is closest to the Clubhouse.

DESCRIPTION: Enter the type of event you are hosting.
**I.E. Birthday, Baby Shower, Wedding Reception, Family Reunion, etc.

(Background Color & Location: Please ignore these)

DATE: Click on the calendar square just to the right of the date & pick which date you are requesting.

TIME: Enter the time of your event.
**When you rent the Clubhouse or a Pavilion, you have it for the whole day, but security needs to know what time a majority of your guests will be there.

CATEGORY: Click the scroll bar on the right to pick Clubhouse, Pavilion 1, Pavilion 2, or Pavilion 3.

Ignore the last three options, and then click SAVE at the bottom of the page.

An email will be sent to the Beaver Lake Association Office to review and approve or deny the event.

Please allow 3 business days before a return email will be sent to the address listed in the request.

Date Published: -0-3--2015