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Golf Car, ATV, & UTV Licensing

In accordance with the Covenants established herein for Beaver Lake Association, the use of Beaver Lake roads shall be restricted to licensed motor vehicles and licensed operators. Golf cars, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) and Utility Vehicles (UTVs), herein referred to as GAUs, shall be considered to be licensed when a member is issued and displays a current BLA GAU registration sticker on their GAU. To obtain a registration sticker for a GAU, a member in good standing must comply with the following regulations:

1. Registered owner shall provide proof of vehicle liability insurance (carried with vehicle).
2. Operator, minimum of 16-years old, shall have a valid state driver's license.
3. Vehicle shall have functioning headlight and taillight plus rear-view mirror.
4. Vehicles with gas engines shall have functional muffler in good working condition that reasonably abates engine noise.
5. Helmet use required on ATVs and UTVs without a roll bar.
6. Three-wheeled ATVs and UTVs are not allowed.
7. GAUs are not allowed on access areas or community lots except on paved or gravel parking surfaces.
8. Registered ownerís lot number shall be conspicuously displayed using three-inch numbers affixed to the license plate on the rear of the vehicle and shall remain readily visible. Lot numbers shall also be visibly displayed on both sides of the vehicle. License plates will be purchased at the Beaver Lake Association office.
9. Once a sticker is obtained it must be displayed at all times next to the lot numbers on the license plate on the rear of the vehicle. Stickering and violation rules as for boats shall apply.
10. State, county, and BLA driving rules of the road shall apply.
11. Members found in violation of rules shall be subject to liquidated damages the same as state-licensed vehicles and operators according to the BLA Handbook and/or state law.
12. BLA license (sticker) renewal shall be obtained annually by a member in good standing. Renewal can be accomplished by mail or in person. If renewing by mail, send current proof of insurance, name and lot number along with a $30 fee to the Beaver Lake office and a new sticker will be mailed. Vehicle license stickers are due January 1 of each year.

For your initial sticker, you must contact Sgt. Remus at 402-235-2243 to schedule a licensing of your GAU. Please make sure that you have proof of liability insurance and your lot #s on both sides of the GAU prior to setting an appointment. Bring $30 and a 3rd set of lot #ís to put on the license plate. All rules pertaining to the use of GAUís as well as the fine schedule can be found in the Beaver Lake handbook (Section VI) on the Beaver Lake Website (

Date Published: -0-7--2016