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Thank you, everyone, for doing your part to keep Beaver Lake free of zebra mussels.

There is no known safe, permanent, and cost-effective means of eradicating the zebra mussel once it enters a river or lake. That makes prevention vital.

BLA officials cannot monitor every boat launch. We need every member to continue to help prevent contamination of our lake by taking personal responsibility in these ways:

* Keep your own craft clear of zebra mussels.
* If you see a concern, speak immediately to the person involved. (Repeating gossip after the alleged incident to third parties is not useful ̶ and vague suspicious cannot be investigated.)
* Report problems to the office along with facts and details.

The Board continues to monitor research and news, and we will let you know about any new information.

Please watch for a more thorough article about this important issue in your Winter newsletter.

Date Published: -1-2--2016