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Highlights of the Beaver Lake Association Budget for 2018.

The 2018 BLA Budget was approved at our monthly board meeting on Thursday December 21, 2017. The following are highlights of that budget.

Projected revenue for 2018 will be $2,405,669. Some of the increase is based on how many homes we project to be built and how many building permits will be taken out. There is no change in the water and sewer rates, tapping fee, or for building permits. This is to bring our projected income more in line with past years actual figures. We did raise the pavilion rental fee by $5.00 per rental, clubhouse rental by $25, & Watercraft permits will remain the same.

Our planned expenses for 2018 will be as follows: Budgeted Expenses to be $1,995,652. A major part of the increase of the operations side of the budget is another substantial increase in our employees’ health insurance, which amounted to 18%. That, coupled with several similar increases in health insurance over the past several years, is greatly reducing what we have left for capital expenditures. So for 2018, Beaver Lakes’ capital improvements budget is $410,017. That is only 17% of our total budget.
In that $410,017 these are the following capital projects, which are planned for 2018:

1)Sandblast & paint the exterior of the South Water Tower. Plus, inspection of the interior of that tower. $64,000.
2)Control panel & generator hookup for lift station #6. $22,000.
3)Backup generator for our sewer plant (We already have $60,000 set aside from past years.) Remaining amount to come from dues increase of $41,000.
4)Set aside for roadway resurfacing. $60,000.
5)Payments of 2015 Chevy Silverado (zero percent interest loan). $7,811.
6)Replace mower #3 (Trade-in figured into this expense.) $10,000.
7)Paint the Clubhouse & Coconuts. $10,000.
8)Replace some of the upstairs windows in the Clubhouse. $11,000.

The 8 capital improvements listed above represent a total of $225,811.

The remaining $184,206 will pay for the principal on the State revolving loan for the water treatment facility.

One other project that we plan to complete in 2018 is new playground equipment for our young ones. We have $22,000 set aside from 2017 & a possible matching grant should allow us to improve our children’s play area on the Clubhouse grounds.

The Board and our committee’s have worked hard to achieve the most, and raise the dues the least, for its residents. And for many years, we have come thru with small increases. However, with costs rising we must keep up with the times in order to keep the development a vibrant place to live.
We have some major projects that need our attention. Our lake association has no way of raising funds through taxes, such as a SID or City would, so our primary means of raising additional income, is through our lake dues.

To achieve a balanced budget, it is necessary to raise our dues this year. Each lot will see a raise in their dues of $16.74 per quarter, which totals $66.96 for the year. These increases will start January 1, 2018.

As in the past, we will continue to do everything in our power to get the highest amount of return on every dollar spent. We take pride in Beaver Lake and wish to reinvest in our lake community, so to achieve a higher standard of living, & to protect our investment.


Dale D. Long
Treasure – Beaver Lake Association

Date Published: 01-02-2018