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There is a new “No Wake” warning light that has been installed at the Beaver Lake clubhouse. It is positioned by the rock levy on the east end of the beach at the clubhouse area. The yellow strobe light will come on ½ hour after sunset and stay on for ½ hour. As soon as the light comes on all water craft will need to go to a No Wake speed of 5 mph or less. The light has been installed for the convenience of everyone utilizing the lake around sunset to take the guess work out of determining the No wake observance time.

This light will also be utilized during times of high water levels on the lake to indicate a No Wake situation in order to help avoid any possible damage to docks and property on the lakefront.

There is also a red strobe light on the pole, which indicates a “No Boating” situation when it is illuminated. This will be used to indicate that all watercraft should leave the lake and remain off of the lake until further notice due to a specific situation.


Date Published: 07-29-2018