2021 Board Officers and Committee Representatives

Following the May 2021 Board of Directors election the Board members selected the officers and committee representatives. The President, Secretary, and Treasurer roles remained the same as the previous year with the Vice President role changing. This year the Board chose two committee representatives for each committee, a primary and a backup, rather that one single representative. See below for details.


  • President: Andy Warren
  • Vice President: Russ Parmer
  • Secretary: Callie Watson
  • Treasurer: Jennifer Serkiz

Committee Representatives

  • Finance: Primary – Jennifer Serkiz, Backup – Ron Prchal
  • Infrastructure: Primary – Tom Barry, Backup – Brad Renner
  • Lake & Habitat: Primary – Russ Parmer, Backup – Tom Barry
  • Appeals: Primary – Ron Prchal, Backup – Callie Watson
  • Election: Primary – Callie Watson, Backup – Russ Parmer