Dredging Notice

August 12, 2021

Re: Dredging of cove H

Dear Property Owner,

You may have observed by now that we have begun our setup for the dredging operation in cove H (party cove). Please be aware of the dredge and dredge discharge pipe location when you are out boating. There will be days during the week that the dredge discharge pipe will be stretched out across the whole cove and will prohibit entrance or exit from that part of the area. Please do not try to cross the pipeline at any time, it is under high pressure and may do great damage if broken open. The dredge will not be in operation during the weekend but will remain in the area, please be careful when maneuvering around the dredge and pipe when entering or exiting the cove on the weekends and after sundown. We anticipate being done with the cove by the end of September barring any complications. We appreciate your cooperation while we improve the lake quality. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Thank you

Troy Weatherby

Managing Director

Beaver Lake Association