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Beaver Lake Association
Frequently Asked Questions


Most questions can be answered by looking in the Beaver Lake Association Handbook.

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Q: What are the Association's office hours?
A: 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday
Q: What is the Association’s phone number and address?

402-235-2241 / 9410 Clubhouse Circle, Plattsmouth, NE 68048

Other important phone numbers:
Security, Officer Becklun: 402-235-2243
Cass County Sheriff Dispatch: 402-296-9370
Animal Control Pager: 800-247-0194
Emergency Water/Maintenance Pager: 402-235-2242

Q: What do the billing codes on my bill represent?
A: WAT=Water, SEW=Sewer, TAX=Water & Sewer Tax, WTP Loan=Water Treatment Plant Loan due quarterly, DUE=The other portion of your quarterly dues, DLC=Dues late charge, WLC=Water late charge
Q: How much are the BLA dues?
A: Dues are billed January, April, July, and October and are due the 20th of February, May, August, and November. For the current charges, please refer to the BLA Services page.
Q: How much are BLA water and sewer fees?
A:Fees for water and sewer usage are based on a 3000 gallon minimum water usage and increments of 1000 gallons after that. Current fees are shown in the BLA Services page. External, water only, meters are available for lawn watering--no sewer fees are applied.
Q: What does the Beaver Lake Association need when a property changes ownership?
A: BLA needs the new copy of the Warranty Deed, the Real Estate Transfer Statement, and a $100 water deposit (if there is a house and/or water on the lot.)
Q: Can I rent out my house?
A: Long-term leases are allowed. BLA needs a copy of the rental agreement with the renter’s name and phone number as well as a $100 water deposit from the new renter. The renter gains rights to the lake and the property owner gives up their rights to the lake.
Q: Can I lease out my lot?
A: 6 or 12 month leases are allowed on single, unoccupied lots. BLA needs a copy of the lease agreement which needs to include the term of the lease, the lessee’s name, address, and phone number. The lessee gains rights to the lake and the property owner gives up their rights to the lake. Leases are not allowed on individual lots that are a part of a homestead and/or replat.
Q: What do I need to do to get my boat or jet ski stickered?
A: You need to bring the vessel itself, the boat sticker fee, and the vessel’s current registration in the property owner’s (or renter’s or lessee’s) name.
(Please see complete boating regulations as well as the Handbook for boating information.)
Boat stickers are $30 each for the first two (primary) vessels and $50 each for each (secondary) vessel thereafter. Primary vessels can be on the water at any time. Secondary vessels cannot be on the water during Holiday weekends or anytime security deems the lake too busy for secondary vessels.
Boat stickers can be obtained from the BLA office during the day or from the Boat Ramp office during the evenings and weekends starting around the first week of April.
All vessels are subject to invasive species inspection. State boating stickers must be attached and current. Your BLA lot number must also be attached on both sides of the vessel in 3 inch or larger numbers in a color contrasting that of the vessel’s color.
Q: Do I need to get my pet licensed?
A: Yes, BLA has pet tags for both dogs and cats that need to be renewed every two years at the beginning of the even numbered years. Pet tags are $10. You can find a pet tag form on the forms page. You will need to know your pet’s last immunization date.
The Animal Control Officer’s pager number is 800-247-0194. The Animal Control Officer is on duty Monday through Friday from 8am-4:30pm. Remember! Only three pets are allowed per home and BLA has a leash law.
Q: How do I rent the BLA Clubhouse?
A: Call or stop by the BLA office and we will check to see if the date you request is available. (The Clubhouse cannot be rented during the summer holiday weekends.) Rental is $125 for up to 30 people, $150 for 30-75 people, and $200 (+ $100 Security Fee) for 75+ people. A $400 damage deposit needs to be taken (in the form of a credit card) in order to secure your date. Rental fees need to be paid 30 days before the event date. Clubhouse keys can be picked up the day-of or the Friday before a weekend rental during regular business hours.
Q: How do I rent a pavilion?
A: Call or stop by the BLA office and we will check to see if the date you request is available. Rental is $30. We will also collect a separate $30 damage deposit that will be shredded if there are no problems. Pavilion #1 is the furthest to the west in front of the volleyball court. Pavilion #2 is in the middle in front of the pool. Pavilion #3 is furthest to the east and closest to the Clubhouse.
Q: How do I reserve a spot at the campground?
A: Call or stop by the BLA office and we will check to see if the date you request is available. Campground spots are $5 per night for a tent or $15 (20 amp) or $20 (50 amp) per night for an RV. BLA will give you a camping permit that must be displayed on the tent / RV at all times. The campground has a restroom and electricity available.
Q: How do I rent the swimming pool?
A: Call or stop by the BLA office and we will check to see if the date you request and a lifeguard are available. Rental is $75 for two hours from 7-9pm any evening. Rental fee includes a lifeguard.
Q: Can I have guests at the lake?
A: Yes. Property owners must accompany guests anytime they are on any common areas or the lake itself.
Q: When is the brush site open?
A: The brush site opens around March 15th each year. It is open all weekdays. The brush site closes in order for BLA to burn, normally around the first or second week of January each year to allow for Christmas Tree disposal but if the site is full, it may close in December. Watch the "news" section for current information. The brush site is located on the southeast corner of the lake past the campsite by the BLA maintenance building.
Q: How can I get my water turned on or off?
A: Call or stop by the BLA office to schedule a time. There is a $20 turn-on as well as a $20 shut-off fee for each instance. The BLA office must also have a $100 water deposit on file in order to turn on water/sewer services.
Q: Can my water be shut off due to non-payment?
A: Yes. Anytime water/sewer fees are 30 days or $100 past due, water can be shut off. A $20 shut-off fee will be assessed. Another $20 turn-on fee will be assessed after sufficient payment is made in order to turn water back on. The BLA office must also have a current $100 water deposit on file in order to turn on water/sewer services.
Q: How do I obtain a BLA Building Permit?
A: Please refer to Section III (Building Codes) in the BLA Handbook for complete information. The BLA Building Inspector is in the office from 8am-Noon on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.