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Local Services

This information is provided for the convenience of our Community Members. A listing on this page does not imply endorsement by Beaver Lake Association, its Management or Members.


General Community

Telephone: Windstream Communications 1-800-256-2777
Underground digging: 1-800-331-5666 Diggers Website
Cable TV: Spiral Communications 402-713-0063
Electricity: Omaha Public Power District 1-402-234-2455

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Gas and Propane

Midwest Farmers Co-Op, 1-800-227-2715
Ferrellgas, 1-800-222-8601
Sapp Bros. Petroleum, 1-800-895-2202

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Windstream Communications, 1-800-256-2777
Future Technologies, 1-866-995-0410

Spiral Communications, 402-713-0063

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Sanitary Services

Papillion Sanitation: 1-877-288-9269

Waste Management: 1-800-457-2599

Premier Waste Solutions: 402-339-1229

NOTE: All trash routes will normally run one day behind schedule for the remainder of the week AFTER a holiday.

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Conestoga HS: 402-235-2271
Conestoga Elementary: 402-235-2341
Conestoga Alternative (Nehawka): 402-227-2935
St. Johns Catholic School: 402-296-6230
NOTE: Contact school district for information for the current school year.

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Murray Christian: 402-235-2527

Murray Presbyterian: 402-235-2754

Church of the Holy Spirit: 1-402-296-2408 (Catholic)

Plattsmouth Bible Church: 1-402-296-5393

Christ Lutheran Church (ELCA): 1-402-298-8429


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Cass County Offices

Cass County Web site:
Assessor: 1-402-296-9310
Attorney: 1-402-296-9346
Clerk: 1-402-296-9300
Commissioners: 1-402-296-9309
Court: 1-402-296-9339
Register of Deeds: 1-402-296-9330
Road Dept: 1-402-296-9353
Sheriff: 1-402-296-9370
Social Services (State): 1-402-296-0000
Surveyor: 1-402-296-9362
Treasurer: 1-402-296-9320
Veterans Service: 1-402-296-9368
Zoning: 1-402-852-2234
Check the Cass County website for the current Cass County Meeting Schedule

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