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Now that it's finally getting warm enough to enjoy our lake, we need to increase our awareness about Zebra Mussels and other invasive species preventing them from contaminating our lake.

They are in the Missouri River so if you have taken your boat to the river, or to any lake, be sure to sanitize it before bringing it into Beaver Lake.

Other reported lakes around the area which have been known to have Zebra Mussels are the Base Lake at Offutt, Lake Zorinsky, lakes in Minnesota, and a few zebra mussels have even turned up in Iowa's Great Lakes according to Mike Hawkins of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, but that doesn't mean an infestation is imminent there. Reports are that the Base Lake in Nebraska still has them, but they have been eradicated from Zorinsky at the great effort of draining their lake.

Constuction barges used to build and/or repair our seawalls are especially susceptible to transporting the mussels to please check with your contractor and warn him/her to be sure to sanitize his/her barge before bringing it into our lake and doing your project.

Please go to the other news articles down on the list which provide sites to find further information.

Also, please ensure your boat live wells and bilges are clean to help prevent the spread of Asian Clams, another invasive species which plagues Nebraska lakes.

Take care and have a great, Zebra Mussel free season.


Date Published: 04/25/2018