New in 2023 – Electronic Voting by Email

This year for our annual Beaver Lake Association meeting and election, we will offer electronic ballots via email. Members who choose e-voting must opt in by Friday, April 21, 2023 at 4 pm.

Paper ballots to fill out manually will still be available for those who decide not to take advantage of e-voting. Manual paper ballots work the same as always. Your ballot will be mailed to you.

All regular members get one ballot per lot owned, whether voting by email or by paper ballot. Either way, your vote is confidential.


Here’s How E-Voting Works

In the registration box, provide your lot number, name of registered lot owner, and an email you will have access to during election weekend. All information is REQUIRED.

About two weeks before the annual meeting and election, you will receive an email notice of annual meeting and election, along with voting material.

On Friday evening, May 19th, you will receive an email with a link to your electronic ballot. You will have until 3 pm on Sunday, May 21st to vote.

To vote, click the link to open your ballot, select your choices, and submit. Done!


For more information, see Section VII. Election Procedures in our Handbook.

Register to E-Vote

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