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Welcome to Beaver Lake Association

The Web's only source for official Beaver Lake Association information. Contact our office:
Beaver Lake Association, 9410 Clubhouse Circle, Plattsmouth, NE, 68048. Phone (402) 235-2241.

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Current Lake Level:  Full Pool


2015 Election Results

Matt Carlton - 333 Votes

Dan Maloney - 331 Votes

Ballot Issue regarding Golf Cars, UTVs & ATVs: Yes - 245 / No - 171



News and Announcements

For the latest news updates, follow the News link under the Administration menu. The color of the exclamation point shows:

Red = urgent               Dark blue = important               Black = normal


Red Light Lift Station Reporting

Red Light

We have 16 numbered lift stations located around the lake to facilitate sewage flow continuously to the wastewater facility.

A red light illuminated on a liftstation signals a problem. Please report it ASAP to the Beaver Lake Office at 402-235-2241 during normal working hours. At other times call 1-800-247-0195 and enter your phone number. You will receive a call back so maintenance staff can respond to the site and take appropriate action.

Your action to contact Beaver Lake Personnel could prevent a sewer backup in the affected area. Here is a map of lift station locations.