Beaver Lake Association Services

The Association Dues and Water are billed on the same card. Normally the billing is sent on the 21st of each month.

Utility Billing Information

  • Base Rate: Water: $18.75, Sewer: $13.25
  • Each 1,000 gallons: Water: $4.02, Sewer: $2.74

Water and Sewer are billed per 1,000 gallons

Water and Sewer are billed monthly

Sewer is billed based upon water usage

Rates shown do not include taxes

Dues Billing Information

  • Association Dues: Annually: $998.60, Quarterly: $249.65
  • Utility Expansion Fee (new water plant): Annually: $168.00, Quarterly: $42.00
  • Current Total: Annually: $1166.60, Quarterly: $291.65

Association dues are billed and due quarterly in February, May, August, and November.

The Access Area Map is presented here so the membership can review the various sites around the lake for possible use, and includes a map showing the location for each site.

Property owners can obtain boat stickers for powered boats for $50.00. All non-gas/diesel powered vessels (sail boats, canoes, paddle boats, row boats, etc.) are not subject to the Primary Boat Rule or required to have a Beaver Lake sticker but must have lot numbers affixed to both sides of the boat and must meet all State boating regulations. Boat stickers for powered boats must be put on by Beaver Lake personnel. Up to two primary stickers can be purchased per property. Additional secondary boat stickers can be purchased for $50.00 and have certain restrictions.

Wake surfing is restricted. See Security officer for more information regarding wake boats.

Stickers can be issued at the Association security office during their regular business hours or at the boat launch. In order to receive boat stickers you must be a member in good standing, have your state registration, boat sticker fee, and the boat must be registered in the property owner’s (or renter’s or lessee’s) name.

All boats and Jet Skis must have the property lot numbers placed on the boat in the correct area. Lot numbers must be placed at the rear of the boat, on both sides in a visible area above the water line. Lot numbers must be in lettering that is at least 3 inches high. Beaver Lake boat stickers will not be issued to a boat without lot numbers.

Note: See the Beaver Lake Handbook for detailed boat sticker process and guidelines.

There is a new “No Wake” warning light that has been installed at the Beaver Lake clubhouse. It is positioned by the rock levy on the east end of the beach at the clubhouse area. The yellow strobe light will come on 1/2 hour after sunset and stay on for ½ hour. As soon as the light comes on all water craft will need to go to a No Wake speed of 5 mph or less. The light has been installed for the convenience of everyone utilizing the lake around sunset to take the guess work out of determining the No wake observance time.

This light will also be utilized during times of high water levels on the lake to indicate a No Wake situation in order to help avoid any possible damage to docks and property on the lakefront.

There is also a red strobe light on the pole, which indicates a “No Boating” situation when it is illuminated. This will be used to indicate that all watercraft should leave the lake and remain off of the lake until further notice due to a specific situation.

Site normally opens on March 15 of the year, weather permitting.

The Brush site is intended only for brush. Grass clipping cannot be left at the brush site. Leaves are to be left in a separate area. Follow the signs.

The Brush site is located in the southeast corner of the community, just east of the Campground and the Maintenance facility.

Normal operation of the site begins in the spring and extends to late fall, about December 1, depending on weather conditions. On most years, we will be able to dispose of Christmas trees in the first week or two of January.

The site is periodically closed for burning the brush.

Contact the Building Inspector Mondays & Fridays from 8am until noon or Wednesdays from 12:30 to 4:30pm at the BLA office.

Beaver Lake has a 9 site campground available for use by members and their guests.

All campers must register in person at the Association Office to obtain a permit prior to camping at the campground. A Lot Owner must accompany guests. Registration or renewal can be made at the Association office.

After registration, a Camping permit will be issued and must be prominently displayed at all times by the camper.

  • Tent Camping: $25 per night per tent
  • RV Camping – 50 amp: $30 per night per RV
  • RV Camping – 30 amp: $25 per night per RV

Property owners in good standing may rent the Clubhouse, the Pavilion and/or the pool. The following rules apply:

The property owner must be in attendance at the function at all times. The property owner is also responsible for the damage during the rental and for control of the function.

The property owner is defined as the person who actually owns the lot. A dependent over 21 and not living at home cannot rent the Facility. Children of property owners under the age of 21 who rent the Facility must have the actual property owner in attendance during the rental.

No minors will be allowed to drink any alcoholic beverages on Beaver Lake Property.

The facility will not be rented for the purpose of making money for the renter. (This does not include non-profit organizations.)

The facility may not be rented on Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, or any holiday.

A damage deposit must also be submitted at the time of the reservation by credit/debit card.

The renter is responsible for all clean up.

(Pool rentals only can be refunded due to weather)

Rental Fees and Hours


  • Hours: 8:00am – 1:00am
  • Damage Deposit: credit card on file
  • Rental Fee: $250


  • Hours: 8:00am – 1:00am
  • Damage Deposit: $100
  • Rental Fee: $50


  • Hours: 7:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Damage Deposit: $0
  • Rental Fee: $100

Additional Information:

If a party expects over 75 people, $100 will be charged for security officer presence.

Maximum Occupancy for the clubhouse is 160.

A damage deposit is required at time of reserving the clubhouse and all rentals will be required to give a credit card for a damage deposit.

Proposed 3 Year Dredge Schedule (Subject to Change)

2023 – Cove A-2, A-3

2024 – Cove A-1, O, N, M, R

2025 – Cove S-6

This schedule is subject to change based on seasonal rains and the amount of silt carried into a cove at any given time. The Board of Directors is responsible for the dredge schedule based on recommendations from the Managing Director and the Lake, Habitat, and Fisheries Committee.

A map and detailed description of each cove is available here.

The Beaver Lake Association is able to make free top soil available to members due to the unique needs for lake maintenance. We have catch basins on the major surface inflows to the lake. These catch basins, or silt ponds, serve to restrict the flow of silt into the lake. As these fill up, the soil is placed near the site to drain, dry up, and be stored.

These sites are opened up periodically for members, and sometimes for the communities surrounding Beaver Lake. It is a win/win situation to have the soil removed and put back to work. The limitations on the access are due primarily to weather, safety, and protection of nearby facilities or underground structures. Each site will have different constraints.

Beaver Lake maintains a vital and well-stocked lake with many nice fishing locations around the lake. There are a few rules regarding fishing here at the lake that everyone should be aware of:

Fishing in Beaver Lake is restricted to property owners in good standing and their guests. Guests who are fishing shall be accompanied at all times by a property owner in good standing.

All fishermen at Beaver Lake must have a state fishing license if they are 16 years of age or older.

Fishing on Beaver Lake is governed by all state laws.

Seining of fish is not permitted on Beaver Lake.

All fish smaller than the minimum fish sizes posted on the signs around the lake shall be returned to the water at once with as little injury to the fish as possible. Nebraska law governs the size and number of species for a legal catch. In addition, Beaver Lake rules must be obeyed on fish sizes.

Fishermen shall not leave dead fish remains in the lake or on the shore.

There shall be no fishing from the sand beaches in front of the Clubhouse.

Ice Shacks used for fishing must be:
Approved by the Office for periods longer than 24 hours
Marked with the owner’s lot number using 2″ letters placed so they are visible from the shore
Removed from the ice prior to the Spring thaw

DISCLAIMER: Any activity on the ice is not recommended by the Beaver Lake Association due to danger caused by bubblers, underground springs, and other associated unknowns. All such activity will be at individual’s own risk.

The Beaver Lake office provides a Lost and Found.

Items found will be placed in the Lost and Found box in the lower level of the Clubhouse near the doorway.

A Lot Owner may own or maintain up to three (3) household pets.

All Lot Owners can license their pets at the Association office during normal business hours. You will need a copy of your pet’s immunization dates. Pet license fees shall be $10.00 per household pet and are good for a one year period. Tags will be renewed every year.

Registering your pet at the office and attaching the issued tag to their collar will assist in the quick return of your pet should it get loose.