Beaver Lake Association Committees

The following are the official Standing Committees and other bodies serving the Beaver Lake Association. All committee members are volunteers and must be approved by the Board of Directors. Monthly committee meeting minutes will be posted in the library. Committees follow the Committee Operating Procedures, available in the Document Library.

Click on the committee name to see a description of the committee’s duties.

Committee Chair: Pam Curtis

The Appeal Committee’s purpose is to review any appeals of the regular membership of the Association regarding Beaver Lake Association By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Fines and Building Codes. The Appeals Committee will recommend whether a variance should be granted or a fine waived.

Committee Chair: Carol Goller

The Election Committee is charged with managing all elections, annual and special. This committee develops ballots, mans the voting booth during election hours, counts ballots, and reports election results to the Board of Directors.

Committee Chair: Chuck Sweeney

The Finance Committee is responsible for evaluating and recommending the financial affairs affecting the Association.  Other duties and obligations may also from time to time be assigned by the Board of Directors.

Committee Chair: John Frost

The Infrastructure Committee is charged with evaluating the condition, function, and maintenance of Association infrastructure, including short- and long-range planning for

  • the quality supply and distribution of water
  •  the collection, treatment, and disposal of sewage
  • roads
  • vehicles and equipment
  • common properties and buildings, including access areas, reserve lots, special usage lots, clubhouse complex, and campgrounds.

Committee Chair: Brad McClatchey

The Lake and Habitat Committee is charged with suggesting means of maintaining the lake and lakebed, shorelines, silt ponds, dredging, public docks, lake rules, and provides recommendations regarding fish stocking.

The Web Steering Group develops the specifications for the content and management of the Beaver Lake website, newsletter, and other information concerns as needed to provide  information from the Beaver Lake Association.