Personal Buoy Change Reminder

Please review this reminder concerning personal buoys

This article is to remind you of changes that were made in 2022 to the rules concerning personal marker buoys. These changes were made by the Board of Directors on July 21, 2022 with the approval of DCF 318. The purpose is to standardize all personal buoys on the lake and make them easier to see during the day and after dark. Please take the time prior to the April 1, 2024 deadline to prepare your buoys so they are in compliance. The buoys must meet the following criteria:

  1. Buoys must be removable.
  2. Buoy must be round and a minimum of 18” and up to 24” in diameter.
  3. Buoys must have your lot number on them.
  4. Buoys must be one the following: reflective, have reflective tape visible from all directions, or have a visible solar light.
  5. Buoys must be in compliance starting April 1st, 2024.
  6. Smaller buoys are allowed if they are being used to hold Maui mats or similar swimming platforms – if they are removed daily.

Also, be aware that there will be a $50 fine if buoys are not in compliance by the deadline with a 2-week time period to remove them.  As another reminder, personal buoys are not allowed in the coves behind the Association NO WAKE BUOYS. The Board of Directors and staff appreciate your efforts to make these changes which will make the lake safer for everyone’s use.

Have a great summer!

Troy Weatherby, Managing Director