Warning on using Fertilizer and Deck Stain by the Water

Are you aware that the most common deck stains and lawn fertilizer can be harmful to our lake?  It’s true, most products made for staining a deck or fertilizing your lawn are NOT recommended to be used in a marine environment.  Some products are even toxic to fish and other aquatic species, not to mention our drinking water.  Please make sure to read the label on the product.  Some deck stains will clearly say: “This product is toxic to fish, do not apply directly to water or areas where surface water is present” (Wording is usually located under the Environmental Hazards section of label).   Look for labels that say things like: “The composition is environmentally safe including application over aquatic environments”.   Having lawn fertilizer fall into the lake will also promote/increase weed growth.  When looking at labels for lawn fertilizer, be conscious of the 3 numbers listed on the bag.  The middle number will represent Phosphorus.  A “ZERO” in the middle means the product is Phosphorus free, which is what you want.   Please be conscious of what can accidently be put in our lake.  If you have any questions, please call the Beaver Lake office.