Zebra Mussel Update 8-21-23

Now that zebra Mussels have inhabited the lake, there are questions concerning how to stop them or keep them away from your docks, shore stations, and watercraft. After much research and discussion, the Board of Directors have decided to allow the use of “dock discs” in the lake. A dock disk is an 8” diameter flow through material that you place in a mesh bag and hang in the water under your dock. The copper and zinc inside the disc will combine and flow throughout the area and are intended to repel the zebra mussels within an 8 -10’ radius. The dock discs will be sold at Beaver Lake Marina as well as online.

The concern surrounding these discs is the use of copper. Copper is a regulated metal within the State of Nebraska drinking water standards. Therefore, the time to use the dock discs will be limited to April 15 to Oct 15 of each year. By October 15 the discs need to be removed so as not to pose a garbage problem in the lake and allow the lake to cleanse itself over the winter. The manufacturer of the dock disc states the use of the disc is only good for 6 months.

We have already extracted water samples from the lake as a baseline for comparison to future samples. By sampling the lake water and water plant effluent on a quarterly basis we can make timely safe decisions about the use of the dock disc in the lake. If we recognize an elevated level of copper in the lake due to the use of the disc, the Board will announce that use of the dock discs will cease, and all disks shall be removed in a timely manner. We ask that you use these devices as directed to protect your equipment and ensure lake quality for years to come.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Beaver Lake Association

Board of Directors