Zebra Mussel Update 8-1-23

(Copied from August 2023 Newsletter)

Here’s the latest on our zebra mussel invasion.  What started as a single adult found the 1st week of May in the back of party cove has ballooned into a full scale invasion across the lake.  Adult mussels have been discovered in coves F (Party), N (NW), A (SW), M (West Clubhouse), I, and in main lake locations. Juvenile mussels have been showing up on the underside of shore steps, boat lower units, rocks, and items hanging in the water in every portion of the lake. Adult mussels are fingernail size up to 1”. They lay eggs all spring, summer, and fall while water temps are above 55 degrees. The microscopic veligers drift the water column for 3 to 4 weeks until they start attaching to hard surfaces. This means a new wave of young are ready to attach constantly reoccurring over and over as long as the water stays warm (above 55 degrees). The tiny shells develop and reach maturity at 1 to 2-years and start reproducing. The mussels live 2 to 5 years on average.


We need to all reman diligent with cleaning our watercraft, minnow buckets, and any other item that comes from another water source. There are still many invasive species we need to keep out of the lake. We also need to be sure to drain, dry, and clean our vessels and items before we go to another lake.


Ballast boat: https://youtu.be/alTMHclwwZk

Regular boat: https://youtu.be/tRK-fqXzLyw


Repellent type items are being researched for drinking water safety. More to follow on this once we get state approvals.  Please remember that we can’t take chemical control methods into our own hands. Products like the “Dock Disk” need to be vetted for safety. Please allow us a little time. We’ll post results as they come available.


Protect your boat hull and boat engine lower units by keeping them out of the water while water temps are above 55 degrees.  They can get into your water intake and attach if it is left in the water causing a maintenance headache/expense.


Nebraska Game & Parks video/audio and Nebraska Game & Parks slide presentation: https://www.beaverlakene.org/document-library/# (Protect our water)


Conservation Nebraska video: https://youtu.be/uydWZjLepYg

Biology of Zebra Mussel: https://youtu.be/XHI917OZeug


Submitted by:  Russ Parmer, BLA Board President